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Written by Brad Lane
Jul 28, 2020

Created by the impoundment of the Osage River in central Missouri, Lake of the Ozarks is a man-made watery haven for lake lovers. Boating, fishing, and cavern exploring are just a few of the top attractions of Lake of the Ozarks, and the best way to explore them all is to spend a few nights close to the shore.

Spread throughout the sprawling arms and waterways created by the Lake of the Ozarks, awesome campgrounds await your arrival. Campsites at Lake of the Ozarks range from RV-only spots to primitive camping surrounded by Ozark scenery. And all campsites provide close access to the water.

The best bet for great campsites is in cities like Osage Beach, Lake Ozark, and Camdenton. For a different slice of vacation, these cities are also home to some of the best resorts at Lake of the Ozarks. All around the lake, though, there is a wide array of great campgrounds with other nearby attractions.

While Lake of the Ozarks State Park will always be on top of the list, other campgrounds, like Ozark Trails, Cross Creek, and Majestic Oaks, can quickly become your new favorite. Plan your next overnight stay with our list of the best campgrounds in Lake of the Ozarks:

1. Lake of the Ozarks State Park

9 Best Campgrounds at Lake of the Ozarks | PlanetWare (1)

Lake of the Ozarks State Park is Missouri's largest state park. The expansive space surrounds the Glaize Arm of the Lake and encompasses open woodlands and lakeside views.

Patrons have quite a few sites to choose from at Lake of the Ozarks State Park. The state park Campground offers nearly 200 campsites split over four different sections, with a majority offering electric utilities and ample parking space.

Section two of the campgrounds is set up with vault toilets, while every other section provides flushing toilets and shower houses. In addition to the standard sites, larger groups can reserve one of four group campgrounds within the state park. Designated tent-only campsites are near the water.

Accessing the water is easy at Lake of the Ozarks State Park, thanks to the two state park marinas, three public-access boating ramps, and two sandy beaches. Other popular activities at the state park include hiking, fishing, and taking a guided tour of the Ozark Caverns.

Address: 403 MO-134, Kaiser, Missouri

Official site: https://mostateparks.com/park/lake-ozarks-state-park

2. Lake of the Ozarks/Linn Creek KOA

9 Best Campgrounds at Lake of the Ozarks | PlanetWare (2)

The Lake of the Ozarks KOA is in Linn Creek, between Osage Beach and Camdenton. Formerly the Ozark Trails RV Park and Campground, the newly minted Linn Creek KOA features tent camping, cabin rentals, and 85 RV sites spread out over 38 acres.

Pull-through and pop-up sites are available for RV users at Linn Creek KOA, and all sites offer level parking pads, full electric hookup, and high-speed internet service. For other overnight users, Ozark Trails provides shaded camping spots and fully furnished cabins available for daily and long-term use.

All overnight users at Linn Creek KOA have access to other features of the campground, including a bathhouse and the campground store for any overnight supplies. The KOA also features a swimming pool and recreational "Gaga Pit" for some family-fun dodge ball.

Address: 4171 US-54, Linn Creek, Missouri

Official site: http://www.ozarktrailsrvpark.com/

3. Cross Creek RV Park & Campground

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Just north of the main body of Lake of the Ozarks in the city of Eldon, Cross Creek RV Park provides perhaps the most family friendly campground around. Alongside RV spots and tent sites, Cross Creek features amenities like a mini golf course, well-maintained pool, and tree house cabins.

Under four miles from the Bagnell Dam, the campground's location away from the usual traffic of Lake of the Ozarks offers a more peaceful setting to get away. RV sites at the campground are full hookup, and several are on the shore of an eight-acre fishing lake. Monthly rates are available.

Tent camping is also available at Cross Creek, and the campground features unique "Survivor Island" campsites and requires a bridge to access. Five cabins are available at Cross Creek, including the unique Sycamore Tree House.

Address: 35 Gilliam Road, Eldon, Missouri

Official site: http://www.crosscreekrvpark.com

4. Osage Beach RV Park

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In the northeast area of Osage Beach, with proximity to the city's offerings, Osage Beach RV Park is an RV-exclusive campground with cabins available. This family-owned campground features full-service hookups, hot showers, and a swimming pool throughout the summer.

It's not the cable TV or level parking pads that make reservations recommended at Osage Beach RV Park, however, it's the stunning scenery and easy access to the city that makes this campground a popular spot to park.

Surrounded by colorful woodlands, Osage Beach RV Park is within walking distance to different shopping and dining options in Osage Beach. The campground is also within easy driving distance to the water and other top attractions of the lake. For those without RVs or recreational units, Osage Beach RV Park also offers five cabins.

Address: 3949 Campground Road, Osage Beach, Missouri

Official site: http://osagebeachrvpark.net/

5. Majestic Oaks Campground

9 Best Campgrounds at Lake of the Ozarks | PlanetWare (5)

Ten minutes from the city of Lake Ozark and nestled into a lush woodland setting, Majestic Oaks Campground is the perfect place for a quiet family getaway. Spread out over 47 acres, Majestic Oaks Campground features full-electric RV sites and secluded tenting options near the northern Gravois Arm of the lake.

Popular on-site activities at Majestic Oaks include swimming in the pool and hiking the trail system within the 47-acre facility. Campers are also well known to take part in the various lawn activities, such as sand volleyball, horseshoes, and playground equipment.

For overnight options, Majestic Oaks features more than 100 different RV sites with full hook-ups available. Two large deluxe sites at the campground are "Buddy Sites" and used by RVs traveling together. Majestic Oaks also has nearly a dozen secluded camping pads and an assortment of overnight cabins to choose from.

Address: 8 Majestic Oaks Road, Eldon, Missouri

Official site: http://majesticoakscampground.com

6. Lazy River RV Resort

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Adjacent to the last stretch of Osage River before it becomes impounded by Bagnell Dam, the Lazy River RV Resort is a great place to relax near the water. Catering exclusively towards recreational vehicles and cabin rentals, Lazy River RV Resort features full hook-ups, pull-through sites and enough room for the biggest of rigs.

Daily, weekly, and monthly rates are available at Lazy River RV Resort. For anyone looking to invest, individual lots are also available for purchase. With an abundance of forested space and common areas, and a great location near the lake, Lazy River RV Resort offers a great home-away-from-home.

Also on-site at the Lazy River is a swimming pool and boat launch to get on the nearby Osage River. For in-town runs and other activities like golf and shopping, the city of Osage Beach is accessible from the campground with a 10-minute drive.

Address: 120 Lazy K Road, Eldon, Missouri

Official site: http://www.lazyriverrvresort.com/

7. Shorewood Landing RV Park

9 Best Campgrounds at Lake of the Ozarks | PlanetWare (7)

Located less than five miles from the Bagnell Dam via boat or motor vehicle, Shorewood Landing is a waterfront RV park that provides secluded surroundings. Situated at the end of the no-wake Jobson Hollow Cove, Shorewood Landing caters towards RV users and overnight stays with more than 60 full-electric sites and deluxe lakeside cabins.

Laundry and shower facilities are available to overnight guests at Shorewood Landing RV Park. Several playground areas and an in-ground swimming pool are also available. Adjacent to the resort and lining the cove, boat rentals and sandy beaches are nearby, as well as amenities like restaurants, marinas, and year-round fishing supplies.

Address: 73 Unicorn Road, Eldon, Missouri

Official site: http://www.shorewoodlanding.com/

8. Riverview RV Park & Campground

9 Best Campgrounds at Lake of the Ozarks | PlanetWare (8)

Located near the shores of the Osage River before it hits the Bagnell Dam, Riverview RV Park & Campground features RV and tent sites nestled in quiet surroundings. The campground features a convenient location to Highway 54.

Riverview Park is ideal for homebodies and adventurous families alike, with secluded sites close to nature. All overnight guests at the campground share access to heated shower houses, a stocked fishing pond, and an on-site general store for camping and fishing supplies All campers also have access to free Wi-Fi.

The RV sites at Riverview feature full hookups, and some are located on the riverfront. The RV sites are located near the facility's boat dock and boat ramp.

Reservations are recommended for the RV sites during the summer, and weekly and monthly rates are available.

Address: 398 Wood River Road, Lake Ozark, Missouri

Official site: http://www.riverviewrvparkllc.com/

9. Lake Ozark RV Park & Campground

9 Best Campgrounds at Lake of the Ozarks | PlanetWare (9)

This lakeside campground is located right on the backside of Bagnell Dam. Also known as the Dam Bait Shop and Campground, Lake Ozark RV Park & Campground features rows of full-electric RV spots and a full field of shaded tent camping options.

All overnight accommodations at Lake Ozark RV Park have quick access to nearby flushing toilets and hot showers. For the anglers out there, the campground is adjacent the Dam Bait Shop, which is open seasonally for fishing supplies and local tips.

Lake Ozark RV Park & Campground also hosts special performances throughout the year with their abundance of space. The biggest celebration of the year is the annual Dam Jam, which always draws a big crowd at the height of summer.

Address: 70 Legion Road, Lake Ozark, Missouri

Official site: http://iguanagroupcorp.com/lake-ozark-rv-park-campground/

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