Easy And Free Disney Dining Plan Calculator (2023)

If you are having a hard time finding a Disney Dining Plan calculator, you have come to the right place! The Disney Dining Plan can be super confusing to understand but not anymore! Even if you aren’t a pro at it, these Disney Dining calculators will help you figure out exactly what you need to know to see if the plan is worth the price. They are very simple and easy to set up and anyone can use them.

In order to use this dining plan calculator correctly, it is essential to be open and honest with how much you think you are going to eat. You don’t want to overestimate and then be left in the red. At the end of the day, this is what Disney hopes that you do!

Disney hopes that you will buy into the idea that the Disney Dining Plan will save you money, even if you won’t use it to its full potential. Once you don’t eat all the food you could on the dining plan, you will be losing money will Disney is saving money off of the food you didn’t eat!

To avoid this, use this Disney Dining Plan calculator to honestly see how much you think you will eat and spend!

I want to note that this Disney Dining Plan calculator is created in Excel. If you don’t have Excel please don’t worry! You can open and use it in Google Sheets FOR FREE! Simply download the dining plan calculator and then email it to yourself.

Once you email it to yourself, you can simply click “open in Google sheets” and log in or create a free Google account. This is just a quick hack for using the calculator if you don’t have Excel or Microsoft Suite!

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The Easiest Disney Dining Plan Calculator Anyone Can Use

A Brief Overview Of The Disney Dining Plan

The Disney Dining Plan allows guests to choose a certain number of food, drinks, and snacks for a flat fee depending on what plan you choose. If you don’t eat a lot or don’t want to visit any expensive restaurants at Disney, then the Dining Plan may not be for you. That being said, if you are strategic about it and you want to do character dining or another type of specialty dining, the Disney Dining Plan can be a massive benefit!

There are four Disney Dining Plan options for you to choose from. Whether you want something more affordable or want to go all out, there is something for everyone. Below we provide a brief overview of the different dining plans that Disney offers.

While taxes are included in the Disney Dining Plan, tipping is not. Our Disney Dining Plan Calculator doesnot take tipping into account when calculating cost. Assume that you will have to spend 10-20% more than what the total shown on the calculator is coming to. Parties of six or more people will receive an automatic 18% added to their bill!

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If you aren’t sure, we put together this Ultimate Guide To Tipping At Disney World which walks you through how much you are expected to tip and which places expect tips vs which don’t! Tips are included when you eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table, Hoop-Dee-Doo-Revue and Spirit Of Aloha Luau.

Quick-Service Dining Plan

The Quick Service dining plan is the most affordable of all of the Disney Dining Plan options. It includes 2 quick service meal credits and 2 snack credits per person per day plus a refillable mug for each person on the plan. This allows you to grab soda or drinks throughout your stay at the park. Over the last few years, Quick Service Dining at Disney has gotten better and better and there are quite a lot of food options.

This is a great starter plan for someone who wants to get their feet wet in the Disney Dining Plan world. Make sure to use our Disney Dining Plan Calculator for Quick Service to see if this plan is worth it or right for you.

2020 Quick Service Dining Plan Prices

  • Adults $55.00
  • Children (ages 3-9) $26.00

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Standard Disney Dining Plan

Disney really needs to change this name because it is very confusing! The “Dining Plan” is the mid-level option on the Disney Dining Plan scale. With this plan, you get 1 table service credit, 1 quick service credit, 2 snack credits per person per day, and a refillable mug [one per guest]. Table service refers to a sit-down restaurant whereas quick service is where you walk up to the counter and order. It is really quite easy to understand and allows you to dine at some of the best Disney World restaurants!

This is what I am talking about when I say you must use your Disney Dining Plan calculator to your advantage! $78 may seem hefty, but if you are doing character dining or eating at a more expensive option, you will see that it adds up quickly and you will easily save a great deal of money. Plus, you will be free to try snacks and drinks you may not otherwise try.

2020 Disney Dining Plan Prices

  • Adults – $78.01
  • Children (3-9) $30.51

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Disney Dining Plan Plus

The Disney Dining Plan Plus is the newest Dining Plan at Disney. Since it is so new, we highly recommend using the Disney Dining Plan Calculator in order to figure out of it is worth it for your family. What sets this new dining plan apart from the others is the flexibility you have with the credits.

The Disney Dining Plan Plus will give you “meal credits” that you can use at EITHER Table Service OR Quick Service locations. Whichever you choose is up to you! This is a huge benefit that will allow you more flexibility.

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You can choose how and when to use your meal credits and you can “save up” or “splurge” depending on your mood. Just don’t buy this dining plan and only eat at Quick Service 95% of the time! This is why our Disney Dining calculator can help you honestly see which plan is worth it in the end!

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2020 Disney Dining Plan Prices

  • Adults – $94.60
  • Children (3-9) $35.00

Deluxe Dining Plan

The Deluxe Dining Plan is the most expensive of all the dining plans Disney offers. It includes 3 table service credits that can also be used at quick service as well as 2 snack credits per person per day plus the refillable mug. At the end of the day, the Deluxe Plan is for foodies.

I would caution against this if you are heading to Disney with small children as you will need to do two sit-down meals per day at minimum to make the money you spend on this plan worth it. Of course, you know your family better than I do, but if you can only do one sit-down meal a day consider the mid-level or Plus “Dining Plan” instead.

If you love food and dining and want to get in all sorts of character dining, then this is an excellent choice for you! This is a wonderful choice for people who have already been to the Disney parks or who have mobility issues or have trouble standing in lines and sitting outside in the heat.

This way, you can be indoors, eat some delightful food, and still enjoy the Disney Magic! As usual, to see if it is worth it for your party, make sure to put it through our super easy Disney Dining Calculator!

2020 Deluxe Dining Plan Prices:

  • Adult – $119
  • Children (ages 3-9) $47.50

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How To Use The Disney Dining Plan Calculator

Using our free Disney Dining Plan calculator is simple and easy! We even have an example filled out for you on each of these sheets. First, pick the plan you want out of our list above. Then, download the Disney Dining calculator below that best matches your plan.

Once you download the Disney Dining Plan calculator, you will see more detailed instructions as well as an example that we filled out for a 3-day plan. In order for this to work correctly for you, you must fill out the exact prices for where you want to eat as they reflect on the Disney website! Fill out each and every box in order to get an accurate depiction. You can look at my sample for inspiration.

Filling out each Disney Dining calculator fully and to the best of your ability is the only way to get a good look and see if the plan will be worth it for you! Yes, it takes a little time, but think of all the money you will save if it doesn’t work out for you or all the money you WILL save if it ends up working out in your favor!

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Once you are in the Disney Dining Plan calculator for your plan, you will fill out the grey boxes. Choose what you would normally order. Don’t over or undershoot or else you will be doing yourself a disservice.

I fill out the Dining Plan calculator quite a lot and have often “lost” money if I have “purchased” a plan. As I said, it is essential to fill out to the best of your ability!

Good luck and have so much fun at Disney!

Disney Dining Plan Calculators:

Quick Service Disney Dining Plan Calculator

Standard Disney Dining Plan Calculator

Disney Dining Plan Plus Calculator

Deluxe Disney Dining Plan Calculator

Please note: When using these Disney Dining calculators, you will read each column from top to bottom. So on the first column on the left will be “Day 1” and then you will go DOWN that column [not over left/right] but top/bottom and here you will fill out by breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack! I hope this is easy to understand!

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Breakdown Of Dining Plan Credits:

There are three types of credits that you will see on our Dining Plan Calculator. It is important to understand the difference when selecting your plan and using the calculator.

These three tips are a Quick Service Or Counter Service Meal, A Table Service Meal, and A Snack!

A Quick Service meal includes a combo meal of an entree and a side, plus a beverage. This credit no longer includes a dessert. These credits can be used at Quick Service or Counter Service Restaurants all around Walt Disney World.

A Table Service meal includes an entree, dessert, and beverage. If you are using the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan, this also includes an appetizer. These credits can be used at Table Service Restaurants all around Walt Disney World! Want to eat healthy? Disney allows you to substitute a side salad, cup of soup, or fruit plate for your dessert.

A Snack Credit covers items sold at snack carts, kiosks, and Quick Service Restaurants. It includes any single-serving item, including side items, hand-scooped ice cream, Starbucks snacks, cupcakes, popcorn, and so much more! Your snack credits can even cover some of the best snacks at Disney. You can also use snack credits at food booths during Disney Festivals such as the Food And Wine Festival at Epcot.

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I hope that you found my Disney Dining Plan calculator to be easy to understand and simple to employ! You can even download the Google Sheets app on your smartphone to keep tabs while you are touring the parks! Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below and I will be happy to help to the best of my ability! Have fun at Disney.

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