Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (2023)

If you own the Fatesworn DLC, its quest line becomes available when you finish the main quest in the base game. Once you have finished the main quest, you will receive a "mysterious letter" and the Unsettling News quest becomes available. Press Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (1) to make it the active quest.

Main DLC Story Quest #1: Unsettling News

Upon reading the letter, you must meet Elza near the Hall of the Firstsworn. You will see that Unsettling News now appears as a main quest. You may also want to charge your purple reckoning gauge if it is not already full. Additionally, there are a number of places in Fatesworn where invisibility is helpful. Accordingly, some Phasewalk potions are recommended. Gelphyne Nargyfier, a fence in the lower tunnels in Rathir sells Master Phasewalk potions. We will be going to Rathir shortly as part of this quest so it's not out of the way. Apart from the Phasewalk potions, additional preparation is not recommended. The Fatesworn DLC has the most powerful weapons in the game. Weapons and armor that you can acquire before departing is likely to become underpowered within minutes of entering Mithros.

Fast travel to the Hall of the Firstworn. As you approach the quest marker, you are attacked by a couple of Niskaru. Defeat them. At the quest marker, pick up the items, you will recover a document--Elza's Last Words. Read it. The quest updates. You must Talk to Agarth.

Agarth is at Orbocant, the location that was established in the upper city of Rathir upon the conclusion of the base game's main story. Fast travel to Rathir. Head to the upper city. You are intercepted by a messenger at the Orbocant quest marker and must follow her to the Scholia Arcana. There, you speak to Lord Ambyth. The conversational choices do not matter. Exhaust as many or as few as you want. To conclude the discussion, select, "I'm ready."

You must acquire a border permit from the Officer's Hall in the Lower City. The Orbocant has a stash chest. If you're close to your limit, unburden yourself of any unneeded inventory before leaving the Upper City. You will be picking up a lot of items during Fatesworn. I recommend you have at least 30 free stops. There are two additional back packs in Fatesworn that will, eventually, increase your capacity by 20 slots.

Head to the Officer's Hall and talk to Private Garysh. Tell him you need a Mithros permit. You'll receive a border permit. Stop by the nearby lower tunnels if you need to purchase a couple of Master Phasewalk potions. Exit Rathir. The quest now instructs you to, "Cross the border into Mithros."

Looking at the world map, the quest marker is just south of Waterhall Down in the far west section of the map. Fast travel to Waterhall Down or other nearby location and proceed to the quest marker. Talk to Private Sterling. Tell her you're going to Mithros. She'll ask your name. Give any answer. No matter what you choose, she will give a snarky retort. The quest updates--find the resettlement camp. Follow the quest marker into The Westroad. This marks the real start of the DLC quest line.

Fatesworn DLC Approach:

At this point, it is appropriate to spell out a sound approach. The DLC introduces Chaos enemies. They can be identified by a purple aura. They have chaos armor gauges that must be depleted before they can be damaged and defeated. The main quest instructs you in Chaos Magic. It provides you with tools and abilities that are effective against the new enemies. Note that only Chaos weapons can deplete the Chaos armor gauge.

A new type of dungeon accessed through Chaos Portals becomes available. You gain entrance to these portals during the main quest as well as the wherewithal to survive their challenges.

Because you must gear up and acquire the Chaos Sight ability, it is prudent to concentrate on the main quest exclusively before accepting side quests. Some of the side quests are tricky and there have been reports of bugginess. To prevent being victimized by the bugginess, the walkthrough will instruct all quests be initiated from the primary quest giver. Some quests can be activated by discovering a quest objective before encountering a quest giver.

For this reason, it's important not to stray away from a focus on the main quest line.

  • Do not enter into any hidden areas not part of the main quest.
  • Do not pick up objects not part of the main quest.
  • Do not talk to NPCs with exclamation points above their heads unless they are part of the main quest.
  • Do not engage oversized enemies like trolls or golems that are not part of the main quest.

The walkthrough will insert cautions where appropriate. Many of the side quests can be inadvertently activated. This is not supposed to prevent the side quest from proceeding properly to its conclusion. However, there has been the occasional report of a bug by doing so. Consequently, we will ensure we always activate the side quest from the primary quest giver and the walkthrough will provide the details at the appropriate time.

Main DLC Story Quest #2: The New God

We now find ourselves in a new region--Mithros. Our first objective is to find the resettlement camp. There is a lorestone along the way. You can loot the chests if you'd like. Because the items, weapons, and armor are so exceptional in Mithros; you are likely to pick up weapons that are superior to what you have. It is also possible to pick up Mitharan components. Mitharan components have a higher rating than their regular equivalents. Nevertheless, the loot will improve substantially as you move north so you may not want to waste a lot of time here and move directly to the quest objective.

Note: Later, we will learn how to craft chaos weapons. Good chaos weapons are required to complete the main story. Good components are of tremendous benefit. The best components are now labeled Flawless Mitharan and are superior to plain Mitharan ones. You'll find some components in chests and as loot on fallen enemies. Nevertheless, the best source is salvaged weapons. Thus, it is best you do not sell surplus equipment but collect it for the express purpose of salvaging it at blacksmith forges.

Resist the urge to explore. There are a couple of lorestones that appear close but you have to circumnavigate terrain to get it. There's a possibility you could trigger a side quest without activating through the primary quest-giver. The Roadside Shack, in particular, is a location to avoid for that reason.

When the main road branches always take the right path towards the objective marker. There you discover the Revival location. The main story quest updates--Speak to Drystan Rydder. Do NOT investigate the Ruined Effigy. That kicks off the Lesson of the Bones side quest that we will handle later and use it to get an achievement.

Before continuing the main story quest, we will do a side quest: Outcast's Revenge.

Note: Outcast's Revenge is buggy. Make sure you have at least one save retained before the quest.

There are reports of people losing alchemical recipes. So, visit a lab first and make sure you're stocked up. If the bug occurs, there is a remedy--described later.

Find Hugo Bux in the center of the camp. Tell him, "I'll fight for you" to trigger Outcast's Revenge.

Make a save before talking to Dink for a 66% persuasion check. If you fail, revert to the insurance save. Do not fight him because that is where the reports of losing recipes occurs. Report to Hugo and then seek out Logan Darrow and defeat her. A fist fight is the only option. Report to Hugo.

The next bully is Pledgeshield McGowan. Defeat him and report to Hugo Bux. Next, you must talk to Drystan Rydder. Make your decision to complete Outcast's Revenge.

Note: If you defer this quest to after the Unbound Faction quests, Logan will relocate. This is not supposed to void the quest but a bug, as of this writing, will freeze the game before you can fight her. If, by chance, a bug causes you to lose your alchemical recipes, rebuild your character at a fateweaver. Maxing out alchemical skill in your rebuild should restore all alchemical recipes.

Back to the main story quest: Talk to Drystan Rydder. The conversational choices don't matter until you select, "I'll help with the Niskaru." The quest updates--Travel to Freehold. Follow Drystan. You encounter a new enemy, the Preordained. When you defeat them the objective updates--Investigate the campsite.

You pick up three items at three nearby markers--a Mysterious Tract, Smuggler's Notes, and a Skill Book (Chaos Sight). The quest updates--Read the Chaos Text. Do so. You acquire a new ability: Chaos Sight and you have one point in the new ability.

The quest updates: Speak to Drystan Rydder. Drystan is not a book person. But, as soon as he makes a derogatory book comment, a Chaos Rift opens up letting some Niskaru into the campsite. The quest updates: Close the Chaos Rift by defeating the Niskaru and following the on-screen instructions (press Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (4) on the Rift when the area is clear of enemies).

The quest updates: "Investigate the Freehold and close any Rifts." As you follow the quest marker, you discover the Freehold location. Enter Freehold, our first Mithros dungeon.

Feel free to investigate the two hidden doors although the rewards will probably not justify going out of your way for either one. If you do, don't jump down but back track in order to shorten the detours. Except for the hidden doors, the dungeon is linear. Proceed. At the quest marker, defeat the Niskaru and press Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (5) to close the Rift after you have defeated all enemies.

Drystan makes a few closing comments. The New God concludes and kicks off the third main story quest.

Main DLC Story Quest #3: Breaking Fate

The first two main story quests served as the introduction. The third story quest gets us into the meat of the plot. Drystan will make his way back to Revival. There is no reason to tag along. Instead, as soon as you exit the dungeon--follow the quest marker rather than backtrack, fast travel to Emaire and speak to Laest Noster, the fateweaver, in the Blue Bear tavern. Unbind your destiny so we can max out Chaos Sight to help us with the DLC.

Note: If you are committed to your preferred playstyle and do not want to abandon it, you need not rebuild your character. The DLC provides you with 10 additional levels so you can use 9 level-ups to max out Chaos Sight. For a few specialized achievements, if you do not have all the pre-requisites, you would have to make a save, visit a fateweaver, rebuild, unlock the achievement, and revert to the previous save. It's not as inefficient as it sounds. The achievements in question can be unlocked quickly and easily. The additional time to unlock the achievements is offset by allowing you to play in the style that best suits you.

In addition to maxing out Chaos Sight, max out Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Detect Hidden, and Persuasion. You'll want a level 6 sagecraft at a minimum. The rest are personal preference. There are a few stealthy sections so that's a good area to invest in. Blacksmithing is much more important than it is in the base game because we will be required to craft chaos weapons. There are quite a few persuasion checks and they tend to be more rigorous than the base game. Some quests require detect hidden of at least five and we want to be able to see everything on the map so we'll need it to be maxed out. There are some new alchemy recipes and it's best to have it maxed out so that you have innate knowledge of all enemies.

Build a Universalist Destiny with a minimum of 37 points in each of Sorcery, Finesse, and Might. This is because there are three achievements related to three different armor sets. To equip all sets, high sorcery and might is required. Additionally, we want to be able to max Finesse's smoke bomb which requires 35 points in Finesse to activate. In the finesse build, we also want Dagger Mastery maxed. In your build, make sure you max out Sorcery's Mark of Flame and have at least one point in Summon Faer Gorta. The Universalist Destiny has some impressive perks. To summarize:

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  • Abilities: Max out Chaos Sight, Blacksmithing, Detect Hidden, Alchemy, & Persuasion in that order of preference. Allot 6 points, at a minimum, to Sagecrafting
  • Destiny: Universalist by allotting a minimum of 37 points to each of Might, Finesse, & Sorcery
  • General abilities: No need to work on the far left column for Might, Finesse, & Sorcery. The universalist destiny unlocks all weapon mastery abilities.
  • Finesse: Max daggers to greatly simplify The Floor is Lava achievement. Max smoke bomb to remain invisible for 6 seconds during stealth segments.
  • Sorcery: Max Mark of Flame for Black Hole achievement. Allot at least one point to "summon Faer Gorta" to enable summoning for Six Pack achievement.
  • Might: No special requirements. The Goliath Armor set needed for the Walking Fortress achievement requires 35 Might to equip.

The above is very unrestrictive and you have a lot of discretion in your build. Here is one of many possible builds with a level 41 character:

Fast travel to Revival. Go north towards the quest marker. When you approach the big wooden gate, you trigger a cut scene that introduces the primary antagonist, Telogrus. Continue to follow the road to Gale Crossing. You do not pass through the gate but follow the road to its right. There's a convenient lorestone in Gale Crossing.

Enter Gemstone Tavern. Talk to Mallory Grieves and ask her about Agarth. Then say you want to enter Madding Wind. Say you'll make it worth her while. She refers you to Warden Blackwood. Ask if there's an easier way. She'll ask for coin. Say you'll make it worth her while. Ask her to remind you about Madding Wind. She again refers you to Warden Blackwood.

Follow the road north towards the quest marker. As you approach it, you enter into a dialog with the warden. Ask him how to get into Madding Wind and bribe him 20,000 gold when he asks for money. He is also a quest giver. You might as well pick up the quest, "Lone Survivor" and loot the nearby corpse for evidence. Talk to Warden Blackwood again to advance the side quest. It's one of the longer side quests so you might as well do it later along with the other Gale Crossing quests.

To continue the main quest--the objective is to Gain Entry to Madding Wind, proceed to the objective marker in the western part of the central area of the map. There's a lorestone on the side of the road just before you get to Madding Wind. Press Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (7) and make sure you have Master, Greater, &/or Lesser Phasewalk mapped to your consumables. Similarly, go to your abilities and make sure you have smoke bomb mapped to the UI. Make a save before the big door. It will unlock automatically with the key Warden Blackwood gave you.

You'll have to stealth through the upcoming segment so be prepared to immediately execute smoke bomb or use a phasewalk potion as soon as you enter. Crouch and move left since there are two guards to the immediate right. If you don't have the smoke bomb ability or the phasewalk consumable, as long as you move away from the nearby guards, you can avoid detection by remaining crouched and sneaking behind the guards. Nevertheless, there are guards close to the door and have the entrance in their field of vision. So, the safer option is to use a smoke bomb or the phasewalk. The smoke bomb is a little better because it has a stunning effect. Thus, if an enemy has spotted you, the smoke bomb will nullify that.

Note 1: There is an alternate, hidden entrance into Madding Wind. It's a little more streamlined but is less obvious. You can get the quest marker if you are diligent in your investigations at Gale Crossing. The walkthrough has chosen the more direct approach. Nevertheless, you may decide the hidden entrance is preferable and choose to pursue it. The walkthrough will make note of where the two approaches converge.

Note 2: You only have to use stealth on the guards. If you come across Sons of Laz, Faer Gorta, or Kobolds if you explore the more remote areas, feel free to engage and defeat them.

Once you are no longer in any guard's line of sight, proceed to the objective marker. It's on the far side of the room opposite the entrance. Hug the wall near the marker so you can sneak behind the two guards on either side of it. You find you must perform some tasks to open the door. The quest updates--find a way to the levers.

The problem is the left block (left of the entrance) is locked. First, enter the right block the best way is to hug the wall proceeding northwest and then turn to hug the wall to go northeast at the corner until you reach the right block door. It opens. A guard will walk in your direction. You can use a convenient pillar to remain hidden or use a smokebomb to do it the easy way.

Turn left towards a large room. When you enter, turn right. You should be able to loot the two chests in the north and west corners. One of them will contain the key to the left block. You'll note that between the two chests, there's a passage leading to the northwest. This is the passage you will use if you employed the hidden entrance. So, if you used the hidden entrance, you will emerge in this large room. Loot the two chests to collect the left block key. At this point, the direct and indirect approaches converge.

Sneak past the three guards using a smoke bomb or phasewalk if you feel the need. Exit through the passage on the southeast side of the room. Pull the lever you find at the end. Jump down at the jump point. Now, go to the left block door. The easiest way is to hug the wall and follow it southeast behind the two sentries guarding the exit. At the corner, turn left and hug the southeast wall until you reach the left block door. It unlocks with the left block key.

Sneak past the guards. This section is more heavily guarded than the right block. Turn left at the end of the passage. Your objective is the room to the right, but the door is locked. The objective updates--Access the lower left control room. A quest marker appears on a chest in a big room to the southeast.

Enter the big room. You have two options:

Option 1: Turn right. Hug the wall as you proceed to the south corner ignoring the objective marker chest. This leads to a passage. After fighting some kobolds, you'll drop down to the southwest entrance to the control room, bypassing the locked door.

Option 2: Turn left. Pull the lever to release the caged Bolgan Brute and create a distraction as the guard attack the threat. If you do so, you should be able to proceed directly to the chest with the quest marker and loot it in order to obtain the Madding Wind Lower Left Control Room Key. The platform on which the chest rests is safe. If necessary, stay there until smoke bomb recharges if you need it. If you are quick and precise, you can look the key and exit the room before the two guards defeat the Bolgan Brute. Note that there are 7 guards in the room--some more observant than others. So, a smoke bomb or phasewalk will eliminate the risk. It also will allow you loot the corpse of the Bolgan Brute once the guards defeat it. Proceed to the objective marker. The door to the control room opens with the key you just got.

You are free to execute both options as well as mix and match. In other words, loot the chest(s) and exit by the south corner passage.

Once in the control room, exit by the northwest passage. Pull the lever at the end. Drop down at the jump point. The objective updates: Advance to the high security area. Sneak behind the two sentries and head towards the objective marker.

Note: I continued to play stealthy. However, this is the unofficial high security area. It is patrolled by Pre-ordained rather than regular guards. Feel free to kill them rather than sneak by them.

At the quest marker, the objective updates: Unlock the upper control rooms. Explore the side wings. Go to the marked chests to find keys to the upper right and upper left control rooms. Return to the big central room and open the left and right upper control rooms and pull the levers. This unlocks the central door. Go through it and proceed to the objective marker. You exit the prison briefly and proceed to the high security wing.

You have to defeat an enemy and close the chaos rift. Telogrus makes an appearance. The objective updates--defeat Telogrus. But this is a scripted encounter than you cannot win. Telogrus exits through a strange portal. The objective updates: Follow Telogrus. You cannot free Agarth yet so enter the portal. Telogrus gives you the key to Agarth's cell. The quest updates: Escape the Chaos Realm.

There is a new reagent to harvest: Chaos Essence. In fact, it is the only reagent present in chaos realms. We will be exploring quite a few of them during the DLC. The enemies have an uunusual gauge. It is chaos armor. It can only be penetrated by chaos weapons. As you proceed, a cut scene trigger showing a soldier's corpse and a weapon beside it. The quest updates: Retrieve the Chaos Sword. Do so. Equip it in the primary or secondary weapon slot. Now, you can damage chaos armor and defeat the enemies.

The quest updates: Destroy the Chaos Node. Return to where Telogrus gave you the cell key and destroy the node. Unlike the rift, you do not have to first defeat the enemies. You can ignore the Chaos critters and just use the Chaos Sword to destroy the node.

You are returned to the high security wing. You earn a twist of fate card: Chaos Thrall I. You will earn a chaos thrall twist of fate card every time you destroy a chaos node. The objective updates: Free Agarth from Madding Wind. Use the key Telogrus gave you to open the cell door. After a short conversation of little consequence, the quest updates. Follow Agarth to his safehouse. When you reach the water proceed ahead. After dropping down the two jump points, Agarth rejoins you and you can resume following him.

Eventually, a cut scene triggers. This concludes Breaking Fate and starts the next main story quest, Smuggler's Run.

Main DLC Story Quest #4: Smuggler's Run

The first objective is to Speak to Orella Axl. Fast travel to Gale Crossing and go the Gemstone Tavern. The objective marker at Gemstone Tavern, may say, "Investigate the Crime Scene" if you have "Lone Survivor" on your Side Quest to-do list. If so, make sure you talk to Orella Axl. You should have Smuggler's Run active so Orella Axl will be depicted by a gold objective marker. NPCs related to non-active side quests will be depicted by white markers. Ignore the white markers for now.

Tell Orella, "I'm looking for Skald Atlas." She'll be dismissive at first. Talk to her again and ask, "Where is Skald?" She'll again be dismissive. Talk to her a third time and insist, "You need to tell me!" This time, she will respond with, "Why do you think I know Skald Atlas, anyway? Respond my saying Agarth told you.

The objective updates: Go to the cave near the windmill after dark. You might recall that when you press Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (9), the time of day appears under the Mana gauge. Check it. Go upstairs, find a bed, and sleep till about 8:00 PM or so if you need to. You want the time to be early night to make sure you arrive at the objective marker during the "after dark" window. It's not fully dark at 8:00 PM but will be by the time you arrive at the marker.

Take the northwest road out of town. This is not the main road. The route is not immediately obvious because the local map is still unrevealed. Only one road leads to the objective marker. If you come across some vagabonds, you have gone too far south. Backtrack and take the less developed road to the northwest. You do not want to engage the vagabonds. Their leader, Sorcha Donohue with the purple health bar, is associated with a quest that we want to defer to later. So, if you encounter the vagabonds, you'll want to get back on course without fighting them.

At the objective marker, a cut scene triggers. You find you've been set up and must fight Lotos's band of Preordained. All the enemies you must defeat are identified by quest markers. The objective updates: Defeat the Preordained. The enemies include two Heavy Knights which are somewhat of a challenge on Hard or Very Hard. However, they succumb easily if you use offensive potions or reckoning.

Once you defeat all enemies, the quest updates: Find Orella. here are three quest markers you can investigate to find clues relating to Orella's whereabouts. Talk to Warden Blackwood north of town. Talk to Tormin Sagard at Sagard's Fine Crystals. Make a save before you Talk to Ulla Eklund at the Cast Anvil. You want to only ask her about Orella. After you ask about Orella, she can give you the Payback Task. This is not a side or faction quest and does not count towards the Customer Service Achievement. It is a tedious task if you accept it. Every defeated preordained will have a talisman to loot. This makes it impossible to determine which defeated preordained have meaningful loot. If you inadvertently trigger this task, revert to the save and interact with Ulla Eklund again restricting your conversation to Orella.

Note: Throughout the DLC, there are a number of tasks that require you to collect meaningless loot from different types of enemy. The loot is only available if you accept the task. It provides only a trivial monetary award. For people who want to play the game efficiently, these tasks are time-consuming distractions and are best avoided. To be on the safe side, always make a save before approaching NPCs with arrows over their heads. If you inadvertently trigger one of these tasks, you can revert to the insurance save.

Regardless of which order you conduct your inquiries, the quest will not advance until you talk to all three. When you do so, the objective updates: Search the smuggler's bolthole. There are several around town. I suggest starting with the one at the White Dove Supply in the northeast sector of town. You'll fight a number of vagabonds at the objective marker before Orella interrupts and yields. She asks you not to kill her. Answer with, "Go. You're free. Get out of here." It's the right thing to do and also the more advantageous option. You receive Orella's notes that tell you how to unlock a strange mechanism.

The objective updates: Enter Cinderpit. Head north and enter Crownhold. You'll see a lorestone nearby. We'll be taking a left at the first intersection. But before doing so, overshoot it until you register Crownhold as a location--we'll be fast traveling back here after we get to the objective and this will save us a lot of time.

Note: If you are short of inventory slots, look on your local map and find Ferrin Shaw. He's got a quest-giver's exclamation point above his head but he's also a merchant. If you like, you can accept his quest. We won't do it till much later--it's one of the more time-consuming quests. He sells a backpack that will increase your inventory capacity by 10 slots.

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Go back (south) to the intersection and head west towards the objective marker. It winds around not always going due west. You discover Crow Peak.

It's easy to get side-tracked or end up in a dead end. To assist, refer to the below image for the revealed map. Take a left as you run through a group of bandits--no need to waste time engaging them. Ignore the first two opportunities for a left turn. Then, take the next two left turns towards the objective marker where you will encounter Agarth. He is unable to solve the puzzle and asks you to do it.

Read Orella's notes. They will refer to the first, second, third, and fourth day each with a corresponding element. Your game may be different. I had first day, water. Second day, air. Third day, earth. Fourth day fire. To solve the puzzle, I had to press Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (10) once on the water symbol, twice on the air symbol, three times on the earth symbol (with the leaf). Finally, four times on the fire symbol. Each time you press Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (11), a corner of the square stone will light up. In this scenario, water has one corner lit up; air, two; and earth, three. Lighting up the fourth corner of the fire stone solves the puzzle and opens the gate. Enter.

The quest updates: Enter Skald's forge. You can now follow the road directly to the objective marker. Ignore Jock MacNelly and Lou Winfreigh. We want to defer their side quests till later.

This concludes Smuggler's Run and intitiates the next main story quest.

Main DLC Story Quest #5: Sins of the Father

Note that there are half a dozen Essence of Fate reagents in the vicinity. Note that four of them will create one Fate Potion that completely fills the reckoning gauge. For the final boss fight we'll want to have four or five of them. If you don't have the potions &/or the Essence of Fate reagents to create them, do some farming here to get what you need. They take about four days to regenerate. You can easily sleep for the required 96 hours.

Speak to Skald Atlas. Then, follow Skald into her forge. She gives you a quest item--the Chaos Flame. The objective updates: Use the Chaos Flame. When you interact with the Blacksmithing Forge, you are informed you can now salvage and craft Chaos Weapons. Moreover, you get chaos cores that can be used to create chaos weapons every time you destroy a Chaos Node. There are a total of 25 chaos portals in the DLC each with a chaos node that yields a core.

Unlike salvaging regular weapons where you get randomized results, you will always get a chaos core when you salvage a chaos weapon. Crafting chaos weapons will be important as we take out the chaos portals and fight the final boss. This is the reason for the maxed out Blacksmithing ability.

This salvage of the broken chaos sword is scripted. After you recover its core, Skald tells you she will repair it but gives you the option of creating a sword, daggers, or staff. At this point, we don't have the option of Chakrams. We'll acquire one shortly so make your preferred choice for now. A cut scene is triggered as soon as you make your choice after which you have an opportunity to take your new weapon out for a spin against some Niskaru. The objective updates: Defeat the Chaos Beasts.

The Niskaru have chaos armor and can only be defeated with the chaos weapon you just acquired. It is not equipped, so make sure you assign it to either the primary or secondary weapon slot. Note that once you deplete their chaos armor gauge, your regular weapons will work as well. Quite likely, they will have more power than the chaos weapon Skald crafted for you so assign your preferred weapon to the slot not assigned to the chaos weapon.

Skald will fight with you. She won't do any damage but she will occupy the attention of one of the two Niskaru. Accordingly, you can defeat the other without interference and, then, defeat Skald's opponent. It is intended to be a simple fight to demonstrate the use of the chaos weapon.

While talking to Skald, a notification appears saying Chaos portals have appeared. Following the conversation with Skald, the objective updates: Recruit Calan McLeod. Ask Skald where you can find new Chaos weapons. She explains about chaos cores. You have one so you can craft a weapon in addition to the one you have. I recommend asking Skald for a Chaos Flame Disc in exchange for your core. Choose whatever you want. We will be getting a bunch of other cores so you'll be able to craft a variety of weapons. Bear in mind that we'll be doing some crowd control so plan accordingly.

You may have noticed that you have completed a side quest. This is an automatic quest with Skald as the quest giver. It's activated while interacting with her during Sins of the Father. It's completed whenever you exchange some chaos matter for a weapon core.

Side quest 1 of 28: Chaos Matter Delivery

Skald tells you that Jock MacNelly can craft a weapon for you. However, since you can craft superior weapons, we will continue to ignore him. When we have cores to spare, we'll use his services to complete a quick & easy side quest.

Reenter Skald's Forge. Use the core you just acquired to create your weapon. Don't worry about optimizing it. You'll need your best components later on. As you close portals, you'll gain in skill. These weapons will pale in comparison to what you'll be able to craft later. All we need at this time is a serviceable chaos weapon for crowd control. There's an achievement you earn when fighting with the final boss that requires precision (no splash damage). Thus, your very best weapon should be a pair of chaos daggers. You'll want your best flawless Mitharan Hilt, your best flawless Mitharan rivets, your best flawless Mitharan bindings, and your best weapon gem (like gem of rot (pristine physical + pristine poison shards) or gem of winter (pristine frost & pristine magic shards)).

You have a sagecraft altar and an alchemical lab. Use them if you need anything. Then exit Skald's Forge. Fast travel to Crownhold. This is why we went a little out of our way to register it as a location. Talk to Mina Sagard at the quest marker and tell her she mistook you for someone else. You learn that Calan McLeod is dead. The objective updates: Search the workshop.

McLeod & Sons is just a few steps away. Enter. There are quite a few objective markers. Check them out for clues until you find McLeods's notes. They're in old Mitharan. Mina cannot read them but tells you who can. The quest updates: Speak to Tormin.

Fast travel to Gale Crossing. Enter Sagard's Fine Crystals. Talk to Tormin Sagard in the basement. Tell him you need the pages translated. Then, tell him you'll find the relic.

We're notified a new chaos portal has appeared. The quest updates: Travel to Crow Peak. There we'll investigate the Chaos Portal in order to find the Cynoc's Eye, an ancient sagecrafting tool.

Fast travel to Crow Peak. Proceed to the objective markers at three chaos rifts. Defeat the enemies you find there and close each rift. The enemies are protected by chaos armor but are otherwise weak and will succumb quickly to your chaos weapon(s).

Once you close the three rifts, the quest updates: Enter the Chaos Portal which you are now able to do. Once inside the chaos realm, you'll find there are closed gates that can only be opened through unusual means. This entails finding and pulling special levers. You'll need to find such levers in all future chaos realms. They are never well hidden as long as you know what to look for. the below screenshot is provided to help you in that regard:

Throughout the DLC, we will be pulling several dozen of these levers so it's important to be able to recognize them. Sometimes, they are flat on the ground as is the case here. Alternatively, they might be in an enclave or on a platform. They are never hidden but, if you don't know what you are looking for, they could be mistaken for part of the terrain. When you get right up to them, they will display the "Pull Lever" prompt.

Once you pull the lever and go through the opened gate, you'll eventually find the node. The enemies here are stronger. You don't have to defeat them--you just have to destroy the node. Once you do so, you'll exit the chaos realm automatically earning the Chaos Thrall II twist of fate card. You'll note that, in addition to delivering +10% chaos damage, you'll be able to craft stronger weapons. After we get a half dozen more of these Chaos Thrall cards, we'll start crafting some serious weapons.

You also acquire the Cynoc's Eye but are immediately attacked by Lotos and the preordained. The quest updates: Defeat the Preordained. They are not chaos enemies and are easily defeated with your normal weapons. Talk to Mina. Conversational choices don't matter. The quest updates: Return to Skald.

Fast travel to Skald's Forge (the geographical location) and talk to Skald. The objective updates" Upgrade Sagecraft Altars." Go forward a few steps and enter Skald's Forge (the building). Interact with the sagecraft altar. The Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (14) prompt states, "Upgrade with Cynoc's Eye." Press Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (15) to do so.

The game notifies you taht you can now craft chaos gems. The objective updates: Return to Skald.

Note: I did not find any of the chaos gems to be on par with the regular gems. You will be collecting chaos shards in the chaos realms. Like normal shards, they can be strengthened into pristine shards.

After talking to Skald, the quest updates: Defeat the Chaos creatures. Go back a few steps in the direction of the forge and fight an easy battle against some chaos critters. This concludes the Sins of the Father quest and triggers the next main story quest.

Main DLC Story Quest #6: The Broken Crown

The first objective is to Speak to Skald. Conversational choices don't matter. At the conclusion of the conversation, the quest updates: Talk to Wyn Ashman.

Fast travel to Crownhold and proceed to the quest marker to find Wynn Ashmann. If she's not walking about, she'll be at the Salty Salmon Inn. Tell her you need a rare Alchemy book. Conversational choices matter in order to get the best outcome. When she says it's too dangerous to get involved, say, "Surely, you can help more than that."

Wynn will exclaim that you will get them both killed. Respond, "You will not be hurt. I promise."

She continues to express her reservations. Tell her, "Help me, and I'll help you."

It turns she wants something in exchange. She gives you the sewer key to a secret entrance. This is the reason we were particular about what we said. If we'd responded differently, we would have been required to sneak through the main door in a time-consuming stealth sequence. The quest updates, "Enter the Great Library."

Proceed to the objective marker at the Crownhold Prison. Take a left at the first intersection to head east. Then take a right at the T intersection to reach the objective marker. If you see any prison guards--you may not--they will not bother you. The objective is a trapdoor. The Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (16) prompt states, "The Great Library." You find yourself in the Great Library sewers. The Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (17) prompt states, "Unlock Door." Press Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (18) to use the Sewers Key Wynn gave you to unlock the door.

There's a seated Preordained guard. Pickpocket her to get a cell key. Use it to unlock the cell to her right. You find King Reynor's corpse. Loot it to acquire King Reynor's Writings. They provide a key to an upcoming puzzle. I did it all stealthy. However, feel free to defeat the guard. Loot her body for the cell key if you did not pickpocket it.

(Video) Kingdom Of Amalur Re-Reckoning: Might Build Guide

The other cells have nothing to offer. Go up the stairs to enter the room to the south. There's a puzzle similar to the one at Crow Peak. There are four pairs of bookshelves. Each pair has a symbol on a pedestal between them. Choose a symbol and inspect both sides of the two bookshelves it separates. You will find green books with a yellow triangle on the spine. The number of books corresponds to the activation of the puzzle.

Your game will probably be different from mine. As an example, as shown in the graphic below, I found one green book with yellow triangle on a bookshelf next to the fire symbol. So, I activated the stone cube with the fire symbol once.

Water had two green books. Air and Earth each had four. Once I activated the water ward lock twice and four times for both the Air & Earth ward locks, the lock opened.

After you solve the puzzle, retrieve the Tome of Synthesis. The objective updates: Escape the Great Library. One of the bookshelves is lootable. It has four books. Loot only Atarum Price Notes. The cryptic notes refer to the Lesson of the Bones side quest where we acquire the Abyss armor required for an achievement. It is not required for successful quest completion but, for the sake of thoroughness, we'll pick it up. Ignore the chest behind the locked grate. The grate opened by a lever in the main library.

Backtrack the way you came. There will now be several preordained in the room that previously had the one seated guard carrying the cell key. Defeat them and exit into the sewers. The objective updates: Return to Skald.

Fast travel to Skald's Forge. After talking to Skald, the quest updates: Brew a Chaos Potion. The game notifies you that you can now brew Chaos potions at Alchemical labs. You can't use experimentation. You must have the recipes. Skald provides you with the first recipes and some reagents. However, we maxed out the alchemy ability so we'll have knowledge of all recipes including chaos potion recipes.

Use the alchemical lab in Skald's Forge to create a chaos potion. I recommend the Chaos Touch potion--3X Chaos Essence, 2X Scarwood Bark, 1 Essence of Fate, 1 Bloodroot. This potion increases Chaos damage and is helpful against the final boss. After creating any chaos potion, the quest updates: Speak to Skald.

After speaking to her, the quest updates: Defeat the Chaos creatures. This time, the creatures are more formidable. It's a good time to go into reckoning mode and make short work of them. This concludes the Broken Crown quest and triggers the start of the next main story quest.

Main DLC Story Quest #7: Crucible

The first objective is to speak to Skald. After you speak to her, Chaos portals appear on the map. Five of them are in Mithros and the remainder are on the main map. The five in Mithros are marked with objective markers corresponding to the new tasking: Retrieve the armor pieces.

You might notice that Agarth has a quest-giver's exclamation point above his head. This is not related to the main quest. Rather, if you talk to him, you have the option of asking him about Chaos Portals to initiate a task to gather chaos hearts. This is not related to any achievements so it is optional. Unlike other tasks, it is not intrusive. The choas hearts are gathered automatically every time you close a portal. If you report back to Agarth (eventually, the main quest will require you to do so), he will reward you with a small monetary reward for each heart. If you are inclined to do so, initiate the task. Note that you already have a couple of hearts from closed portals. Say, "I have Hearts of Chaos" and Agarth will give you a small reward.

The portals are of varying degrees of challenge. The simplest ones have few chaos rifts outside that must be closed before entering the portal. Moreover, the realms inside the portal are less complex. The simplest portal is in Westroad. Fast travel to The Westroad and proceed north to the portal. Note that when the main road curves to the west, you will take a side road south towards the first of two rifts.

Defeat the enemies at each rift and close both of them. Enter the portal. Note that there is a lorestone next to the portal. Once in the Chaos Realm, head west for the first lever. Pull it to open the door to the north and go through it. At the far north point, you'll find the second lever. Pull it.

Go south past the intersection to find the third lever. It's next to an ornate chest that you'll see on your local map. Pull it. There's a fourth lever further south. Go to it and pull it only if you're interested in a chest behind the door it opens. Return to the intersection you bypassed and head west. Optionally defeat the enemies. Destroy the node to close the chaos realm and acquire the Chaos Thrall III twist of fate card. You, automatically, get the Hope of the Fatesworn Cuirass armor. It provides exceptional protection so, unless you have something even better, equip it.

Approach: There are a total of 25 Chaos Portals. Closing all of them unlocks an achievement but you only need to clear 5 of them for the Main Quest. During my initial playthrough, I cleared these five and left the remaining 20 till the end of the game. I was playing on very hard and did not consider it to be more than a moderate challenge. Nevertheless, there is an advantage to clearing all 25 before fighting the main antagonist of the main story. Each time you clear a portal you get a twist of fate Chaos Thrall card that enables you to craft more powerful weapons. Every fifth Chaos Thrall card allows you to add additional capability like an embedded gem. Thus, when you get Chaos Thrall card XXV, you are able to craft the optimal weapons. When you fight the final boss, there's a missable achievement that requires you to defeat him without cleansing Flame Locus fields. Since you can cleanse these fields accidentally with splash damage, the walkthrough recommends using daggers, weapon with greatest precision. Couple with going into reckoning mode, powerful daggers will earn you this achievement without risk. The recommendation is if you clear the chaos realms without undue difficulty, conclude the main quest as quickly as possible. If you find the chaos realms to be a challenge, collect Chaos Thrall cards by closing the chaos portals on the main map--the ones on the west side are easiest and the ones in Alabastra the most challenging.

Note: The first time I played the DLC, I was playing on very hard. I continued the main quest after only closing the 5 Mitharan portals and ignored the others. I had no difficulty with the final boss employing the tactics used in this walkthrough. Accordingly, there is no imperative to close the portals before confronting the final boss. The main point is that you have to close them sooner or later. You might as well do it sooner so you can really go to town when you fight the final main quest boss.

The ultimate chaos weapons crafted after receiving Chaos Thrall XXV twist of fate card can defeat the final boss before he can cast a spell. This greatly simplifies an achievement that, otherwise, is moderately challenging.

Resuming the main Crucible Quest, the next portal moving south to north would be in the Decayed Estate. This is a new area unless you have been exploring on your own. Fast travel to Madding Wind and take the road east ignoring the Sons of Laz nearby when you 'discover' the Decayed Estate. There are four rifts to close. If you've maxed Chaos sight, you'll be able to see each one. There's some terrain to circumnavigate but they are not hidden. Once you've closed them enter the portal. The path is linear. There is only one lever to pull. When you destroy the node, you automatically get the second piece of armor--Hope of the Fatesworn Greaves.

Note that you do not have to clear the portals in any particular order. Next up for us, though, is the portal near Tower Ruins. Fast travel there. This portal has five rifts to close before you can enter. There is a twist. The rifts are behind locked doors that are "opened by unusual means." There are two levers. The first is on the left side of the road heading north. The other is in the topmost circle. It is the only circle that does not contain a chaos rift. Refer to the graphic below.

Pull the lever on the left side of the road. It opens the gate to the left of the lever. Inside the circle where you just closed the rift is another lever. Pull it. It opens a gate. Go to the empty circle at the top and pull the lever it contains. Backtrack to the gate it opens. It's the first one you'll come across to the right of the first lever you pulled. Once you close the rift, pull the lever at the back of the circle. Now return to the empty circle where you pulled a lever. Continue forward to the drop down point and close the rift you come to. Pull the lever in that circle. Drop down the jump down point. You'll be at the start of this area. All gates are open but note that you have to descend the southeast sector in order to get to its rift.

When all rifts are closed, enter the chaos portal. The chaos realm is not complex but there are four levers to pull. Keep your eyes open to make sure you don't miss one. When you destroy the node and close the portal, you'll get Hope of the Fatesworn Helm.

Next up is the portal to the northeast of Crownhold. Fast travel to Crownhold and proceed to the upper right corner of the map. Note that you do NOT go north through town. You'll immediately head east right by Ferrin Shaw if you need a backpack and didn't buy one from him earlier.

The portal is inside the Mitharan Cathedral. There's a Heavy Knight who's challenging if you're playing on hard or very hard difficulty. Enter the cathedral after defeating him and his minions.

The map is of little help because the cathedral is multi-storied. The floors are stacked one on top of the other and it is almost impossible to tell what is on your floor. Despite its apparent complexity, the solution is simple. Find the stairs going up and keep going up. If you do so, you will encounter all four rifts in sequence. If you defeat all enemies as you encounter them, you can follow the enemy indicators to help you find your way. Once you close the last rift at the top of the cathedral, note there is a drop down point nearby. Jump down. It's a long drop and you'll find yourself next to the portal.

Enter the chaos portal. The realm is a little less linear but is not terribly long. If you don't care about clearing the entire realm, work your way to the northeast corner. Then go all the way south, all the west and then up to the northwest corner. The lever to open the gate is just before you get to the northwest corner where you'll find the node.

Clearing the fourth Mitharan portal will give you the Hope of the Hope of the Fatesworn Chausses. Equipping 3 pieces of the Fatesworn set creates a barrier that blocks all magic damage for 30 seconds. Equipping 4 pieces adds a slowdown effect to this barrier. This is a very valuable effect especially against large enemies like trolls or heavy knights. These powerful enemies virtually come to a standstill in the barrier and can quickly be defeated. This is why, among the exceptional sets of armor available in the DLC and which we will be collecting shortly in the side quests, I retain the Fatesworn set.

To exit the cathedral, take the passage north of the portal and follow it around to the objective marker. You should now have a surplus of cores. Fast travel to Cinderpit and talk to Jock MacNelly. Accept his offer to craft a chaos weapon. Upon doing so you complete his side quest, Crafting Made Simple.

Fast travel to Crow's Peak. The final portal is to the northeast. You'll have to first go north and then make your way through a twisty mountain road. Along this twisting mountain road is Brogan MacQueen. Talk to him to acquire The Giant Killer side quest. In the course of the conversation, you'll answer, "I'll join the party." Nevertheless, there is no party to join and we will be hunting the monsters later when we do the side quests.

You'll got through a number of bandits. You can just run through them. One of the benefits of the new armor effect is that if an archer shoots you or a bandit hits you, it will create a slowdown barrier that will prevent the enemies from pursuing you. Note that you probably also have smoke bomb and can stealth your way through as well. Naturally, you can mow them down but, at this point, you'll probably find the rewards are not worth the trouble.

The objective marker leads you to Vekreth's Maw. Enter it to find the portal and four rifts. Close the rifts and enter the portal. The rifts are spread out. However, unlike the previous portal, the map is straightforward and it is easy to see the path between lower and upper levels.

The chaos realm is moderately extensive but you only have to pull one lever. If you had previously closed all main map portals, as I did in the WT playthrough, this will be the final portal and you will unlock:

  • Gatekeeper

    (Fatesworn) Closed all 25 Chaos Portals in Amalur.

    Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (21)

    1 guideGuide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (22)Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (23)Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (24)

Exit Vekreth's Maw. If you haven't closed all 25 portals, now is an excellent time to do so. You have just received Hope of the Fatesworn Gauntlets. It's the fifth and final piece of the Fatesworn armor set. You have ideal protection for dealing with chaos portals.

The next main story quest will have us face off against the final boss. Closing the 25th portal allows us to craft the most powerful chaos weapons. Because there is a moderately tricky achievement, we would like the best chaos daggers possible. We will craft them as soon as we close the 25th portal and get the Chaos Thrall XXV Twist of Fate card.

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The quest updates: Talk to Skald. Fast travel to Skald's Forge and talk to her. The quest updates: Defeat the chaos creatures. Go forward a few steps and defeat a Chaos Niskaru Horrinox with 3 minions. It is presented as a mid-boss fight but it is not even moderately challenging even if you have only closed the 5 Mitharan chaos portals. Following the cut scene triggered by defeating the chaos creatures, the Crucible quest concludes and we begin the next main story quest.

Main DLC Story Quest #8: Hope of the Fatesworn

The first objective is to Talk to Skald. She asks if you're ready. Answer, "I need more time." This is so you can craft the weapons and optional potions you might need. Continuing the conversation with Skald, select Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (26) to choose, "Craft Core." You have quite a few cores so you can buy a variety of weapon cores. Buy at least one pair of Small Chaos Blades. We are going to use it to craft a dagger for precision attacks against the final boss. We can't afford splash damage that might sabotage an achievement.

Our crafting skill now creates two sockets in the dagger--one for a weapon gem and the other for an epic gem. If you craft chakrams, they will have a utility socket and an epic socket. For the epic gem, I recommend the Gem of Magic Resonance crafted by combining a Pristine Lightning with a Pristine Ice Shard. It boosts fire, ice, and lightning each by 20%. For the Weapon Gem I recommend a Gem of Tempest, Gem of Incineration, or a Gem of Winter crafted by combining a Pristine Magic shard with a Lightning, Flame, or Ice pristine shard respectively. Note that during the crafting of the daggers, one weapon gem is included in the crafting process. A second will be slotted into it at the Sagecraft Altar. Since the epic gem boosts all three elemental attributes, you can craft a pair of daggers that includes all three. The hilt can inflict one type of elemental damage. The weapon gems would inflict the other two types of elemental damage.

Note: If you only upgraded your sagecrafting skill to level 6 (the minimum required by the walkthrough), you can boost it to level 8 with a Greater Jeweled Shilelagh potion in order to craft epic gems. Create Greater Jeweled Shilelagh through Alchemy (White Flake (2), Sky Blossom (2), & Bloodroot (1)) or purchase it from Driadore Sele in the Arcadium in Adessa. Alternatively, Fioran Agrost sells all top tier epic gems. He can be found in the Orbocant in Rathir's Upper City.

I crafted a pair of daggers with a lethality over 300 as follows: Small Chaos Blades, Flawless Mitharan Flamed Hilt, Flawless Mitharan Flamed Rivets, Flawless Mitharan Damaging Bindings, & Gem of Winter. Then I socketed the Gem of Magic Resonance and Gem of Tempest. Because I have the envenomed edge ability, I did not feel the need to add poison damage to the weapon. You may have your own preferences and your available components might provide constraints.

I recommend taking half a dozen or so of Fate Potions with you. We want to use reckoning during the entire battle. If you don't have the essence of fate reagents (it takes four), you can always harvest the 6 that grow near Skald's Forge, sleep somewhere for 96 hours, and harvest another 6 once they've regrown. You can also make a variety of potions. With respect to Chaos Potions, I only recommend the Master Chaos Touch potion that boosts damage. Since we'll be fighting under reckoning, we don't need to boost evasion, speed, or defense.

When you're ready, talk to Skald. Note that you must have all five pieces of the Hope of the Fatesworn Armor set equipped. This is a quest requirement. When all five pieces of the set are equipped, you have immunity against Telogrus's Chaos Barrier. Without this immunity, the chaos barrier will kill the fateless one.

Tell Skald you are ready. Immediately chaos creatures attack. The quest updates: Rescue Agarth. Fight the chaos creatures only if you need to charge your reckoning gauge. They will continuously spawn. You must head towards the objective marker. As soon as you leave the courtyard, a cut scene is triggered. Go up to Agarth. The objective updates: Escape the Forge.

Follow the main road to Crow's Peak. In the discussion with Agarth, choose, "It's time to kill Telogrus." The objective updates: Go to the Temple of Telogrus. Fast travel to the Temple of Telogrus. If you haven't 'discovered' the location yet, fast travel to Crownhold and follow the road north to the objective marker.

Defeat the Heavy Knight and his minions outside and enter the temple. The objective updates: Cross the Chaos Barrier. This is the barrier that would kill you if you were not wearing all five pieces of the Hope of the Fatesworn Armor set.

You meet up with Skald just before the objective marker. Say, "Fight with me." The quest updates: Defeat Telogrus.

Before proceeding to fight Telogrus, the final boss, make an insurance save in case you do not get the upcoming missable achievement.

Check your weapons. Make sure you have the pair of daggers you just crafted in either the primary or secondary slot. We will be using it exclusively. Telogrus will start with chaos armor equipped. You must deplete it before you can damage him. We will simply use regular dagger attacks with the chaos daggers. Since the Telogrus will regenerate his armor 3 times (every time his health drops by a quarter--i.e.; at the 3/4, 1/2, & 1/4 marks); it's best to stick with the chaos weapon.

Telogrus will use a spell that casts an AOE Flame Locust. There's an achievement for not clearing any of the Flame Locust fields. This is easy to do with powerful weapons that have splash damage. That's why we use the daggers. As soon as the fight begins, activate reckoning mode (Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (27) + Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (28)). If reckoning mode expires, consume a Fate Potion to recharge your gauge and use it again. Stay close to Telogrus (the dagger attack will automatically have you lunge towards him). Make sure you only attack Telogrus and don't target a Flame Locust. Once you deplete his health, a cut scene triggers after which you have to administer the coup de grace.

It's possible to defeat Telogrus in a single reckoning mode if your daggers are powerful enough. More importantly, incessant attacks with daggers rated in the 300 range will prevent Telogrus from casting spells. This is the reason why we closed all Chaos portals before engaging Telogrus. He is at the mercy of Chaos Daggers crafted with flawless Mitharan components and with the chaos thrall XXV twist of fate card in effect. If you attack him incessantly, you will interrupt any spell he attempts to cast including the Flame Locus spell.

Keep your eye above Telogrus's health bar. This is where spells will be displayed. As long as "Flame Locus" does not appear, you do not have to be concerned. If it does appear, make sure you avoid the area of effect flame locust fields. They are circular barriers surrounded by volcanic flames. The best technique is to stay as close to Telogrus as possible. Not only do you avoid the flame locus fields but, if he hits you, the Hope of the Fatesworn armor creates a barrier about you. Enemy speed in that barrier is slowed to a crawl. If you are next to Telogrus, he will be inside that barrier temporarily defenseless against your onslaught.

Telogrus will regenerate his armor when his health depletes to 75%, 50%, and 25%. If you are using chaos daggers rated about 300, without the chaos armor, his health is depleted almost instantaneously. It might even look that you are destroying his armor four times in quick succession because of how fast you deplete his health without the armor. Once his health drops to zero, a cut scene interrupts the battle. Skald will try to fight him but cannot connect. When the cut scene finishes, you must deliver the coup de grace. Telogrus will have recovered a small amount of health but you can immediately defeat him--no need to invoke reckoning mode. Whether or not you use reckoning mode, you will have a reckoning mode finish complete with QTE rapid button press.

To prepare yourself for the fight, refer to Video 29. It demonstrates the battle with a level 49 character using daggers rated at 301 playing on very hard mode. Telogrus was taken down in a single reckoning mode. The continuous dagger attacks interrupted any attempt to cast a spell.

Once you defeat Telogrus without clearing any Locust Fields, you unlock:

  • The Floor is Lava

    (Fatesworn) Survived final battle without cleansing Flame Locus fields.

    Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (29)

    1 guideGuide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (30)Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (31)Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (32)

This concludes Hope of the Fatesworn and triggers the final main story quest.

Main DLC Story Quest #9: New Horizons

New Horizons is the final quest in the mission in the DLC main story quest. There is no combat in the quest. It is the final wrap-up to both the DLC and main game stories. It will conclude the game with a sense of finality. You can continue the game but you will revert to the last save made prior to completion of New Horizons. That last save could be either a manual or auto-save. From the standpoint of game immersion, you may want to defer this quest until after you mop up the side quests and associated achievements. If so, proceed to page 12 of the walkthrough and return here once you've finished it.

The first objective is to Talk to Agarth. This happens automatically as soon as you start to backtrack out of the temple. It triggers a cut scene after which you find yourself just outside the temple. The objective updates: Return to the Orbocant.

Fast travel to Rathir and go to the Upper City. Speak to Lord Ambyth. You learn a surprising plot development. The objective updates: Speak to Agarth, when ready. Agarth stands next to Lord Ambyth. He offers two choices, "I'm ready" and "I need more time. "Complete any unfinished business you might have. For the purpose of the walkthrough we have none. Nevertheless, if you want to mop up all achievements before unlocking the one that provides the game finale, play however, you desire and defer speaking to Agarth until you are ready to conclude the story.

Speak to Agarth and say, "I'm ready." Follow him to Rathir's Lower City and proceed to the Officer's Club. Speak to Agarth. The objective updates: Go to Rathir Harbor. Speak to Alyn Shir. Thhe quest updates: Board the Chimera. This is the point of no return. So, before proceeding to the objective marker ensure you have finished all your business.

Make a manual save before boarding the Chimera

This is not absolutely required but it represents your furthest progress in the game. Boarding the Chimera completes the story. The next time you play and press continue, you will load up this save file.

The game gives you a final warning. You can elect to stay or leave Amalur. Choose, "Yes (leave Amalur)." Shortly after the cut scene starts, you unlock:

  • Farewell, Fateless One

    (Fatesworn) Departed Amalur towards Icewall Peaks.

    Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (33)

    1 guideGuide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (34)Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (35)Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (36)

This concludes the DLC main story quest. It also serves as the base game's finale.

After watching the credits (or skipping them by pressing Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (38)), you will be at the main menu. Select Continue or, alternatively, load a save file of your choosing. Pressing continue will return you to the save file made just before boarding the Chimera. We will now complete the DLC's side quests and mop up the remaining achievements.

10. Fatesworn DLC Side Quests

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The Maid of Windemere is a potential lover of the Fateless One, should you decide to spare her life. The Maid is the only other potential spouse the Fateless One can marry except Sunhilda Lorelle (requires The Legend of Dead Kel DLC).

What happens if you rule with the maid of Windemere? ›

If you choose to rule with the Maid of Windemere and you dispelled her enchantments on the Ballad heroes, they will not return to the House. It is suggested that you save your game before getting started with Sir Farrara. The order and perhaps even timing of these dialog options can cause unusual states.

Are there mounts in reckoning? ›

With mounts, players can finally traverse the wide-open areas in the game without relying on on-foot traversal or even fast-travelling. The game already allows you to summon specific creatures, so having World of Warcraft-like mounts should be a no-brainer.

Is there a max level in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

What is the maximum level (level cap)? The maximum level you can attain in the initial version of Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning, is level 40. This translates into 40 Skill Points and 120 possible Ability Points.

What level should I play Teeth of Naros? ›

The other, Teeth of Naros, is far less tedious. I would recommend doing Dead Kel during your original playthrough, around level 15 or so.

Can you get a house in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning? ›

Unlike most games where players are expected to pay a hefty in-game fee to purchase a house, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning players can obtain houses through quests with the ability to upgrade the house with gold. Gossamer End can be obtained after completing the quest A Tangled Web.

Can you max all skills Amalur? ›

To max out every skill, 90 skill points would be needed. Every race gets 4 points worth of skills. By level 40, you'll have earned 40 skill points from leveling. The highest tier Might-Finesse-Magic destiny gives you +3 to every skill (for effectively 27 skill points).

Is stealth worth it Amalur? ›

You can kill almost everything in this game, except the Bosses usually, pretty easily. So no, it's not really worth it. Stealth does make Pick pocketing easier, but again it's not really worth it.

Is the FALX a good weapon? ›

Archaeological evidence indicates that the one-handed falx was also used two-handed. The blade was sharpened only on the inside and was reputed to be devastatingly effective. However, it left its user vulnerable because, being a two-handed weapon, the warrior could not also make use of a shield.

How many hours does it take to beat Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is about 31½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 103 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Can you romance Soma? ›

Romance options are new to Assassin's Creed, but some Valhalla fans have been left wanting more. Soma, Hytham, and Valka would have been fascinating and dynamic love interests, but unfortunately those relationships never happened.

What happens if you go to jail in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

Once in jail, you have no access to equipment (except what you started off when you were dead at the start of the game) and one lockpick. Breaking out of jail using the lockpick will satisfy the condition; afterward, you can retrieve your equipment and depart.

Should you spare the maid of Windemere? ›

Spare her. This is the exact reason I've started sparing her. She doesn't deserve the treatment she gets from the rest of the House of Ballads, and it's only because she's the designated villain of their legends.

Can you marry into the throne? ›

While history would have it, senior members of royal families couldn't marry someone who was divorced or Catholic. In 2013 however, the traditional Royal Marriages Act was repealed in favour of the Successions to the Crown Act – meaning only the first six in line to the throne require the Queen's permission to marry.

Can you save the court of enchantment? ›

Like the previous faction mission, Dispelling allows you to save the court of enchantment by releasing them from the mind control. The minimum to save them all is 8.

Will Kingdoms of Amalur get a sequel? ›

The action RPG Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was originally released in February 2012, and its DLC Fatesworn is scheduled to drop on December 14, 2021, close to ten years later.

Can you steal in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

It can be fun to steal items in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, but it's less fun when it comes time to sell those stolen items for gold. Most of the game's merchants will outright refuse to buy stolen items from you, leaving you in a bit of a predicament.

How do you unlock the house of sorrows? ›

Complete the House of Sorrows storyline quest. You may start this faction's questline by completing the main story quest Breaking the Siege. Only then may you exit the city of Mel Senshir to encounter the NPCs needed to start you on The Sorrows Call.

How do I get back from the teeth of naros? ›

Go to the world map not the local map and go up because the teeth of naros map is in the bottom left corner. go up and right a bit and you should see webwood and the rest. hover over any location you've already visited and you should be able to fast travel as normal.

What is the difference between Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and re-reckoning? ›

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning delivers new zone level calculations, changes to loot generation rules, the removal of level lock, major improvements to visual presentation plus a whole new difficulty mode. Did I mention that we packed all the DLC into the game, as well?

What does Fatesworn add? ›

Fatesworn adds several hours of content to the game thanks to the number of new sidequests, dungeon sets, and Chaos portals. All of these are spread out over both the Fatesworn area and the main game locations. The new dungeons are also randomly generated which helps breathe fresh content every time.

How big is Fatesworn? ›

Storage: 10 GB available space.

Does starting race matter Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

Given that you can respecialize your character from very nearly the begining of the game the initial race choice doesn't matter too much from a gameplay perspective. Couple that with the fact that there are trainers, skill books & destinies which boost skills and the choice becomes even less important.

Do the days matter in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

No. No time limits you can take as much or as little time as you want to finish a quest.

What difficulty should I play Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning? ›

Definitely go for Hard. I'm not one to play on Hard mode for just about any other game (I go Normal pretty much always), but this game is easier than anything else out there that I've played. If it's still too easy, you can skip all the crafting style professions and avoid magic as much as possible.

Is Kingdoms of Amalur better than Skyrim? ›


I think Skyrim has better graphics overall. They're not as colorful but they're more jaw-dropping. Both games have fantastic visuals, but the colorful, cartoony world of Amalur is just not quite as impressive as the snowy peaks of Skyrim. Point, Skyrim.

How Hard is very Hard Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

The Very Hard difficulty has a higher level range for the enemies, so the areas can have enemies at a higher level than in the old version. Also they attack more often, to make the game more challenging in the endgame.

How many times can you respec in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

While this option will require the player to part with some gold, there is no limit to the number of times they can respec to help change the fate of the Fateless One.

How long is naros DLC teeth? ›

The main storyline will take you around four to five hours if you take the scenic route and complete a few sidequests along the way, and after finishing the main story of the DLC, you're looking at perhaps an hour or two of sidequesting, tops.

Is Teeth of Naros an expansion? ›

Teeth of Naros Downloadable Expansion for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Announced. Glimpse into the future of Amalur, as EA, 38 Studios, and Big Huge Games unveil Teeth of Naros™, the second downloadable content (DLC) pack for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning™.

What does primal damage do in Kingdoms of Amalur? ›

Unlike bleeding, which increases melee damage against a target, primal damage applies a buff to the player for as long as a target is suffering from it thus increasing their damage against all targets with magic and not just the debuffed target.

Can you join multiple factions? ›

Yes indeed. In fact, you are tacitly encouraged to join all four of them. The thing is, as you progress down the various faction plot lines, eventually each and every one of the four factions is going to force you to betray another one, possibly two of the others.

How many factions can you join at once? ›

So you can be in up to 12 factions at the same time in Skyrim.

How do you unlock all factions? ›

Complete the campaign to unlock all factions.

Once you beat a campaign as any faction, all remaining playable factions are unlocked. Choose the short campaign to achieve this sooner. Of the three starting factions, the Julii are probably the easiest to win with.

What do you lose when you switch factions? ›

Any quests in progress will be abandoned when you change factions. In addition, faction-specific quests and achievements won't be converted to their counterpart in the new faction. As a result, you will need to complete the War Campaign on your new faction, even if you already completed the opposite faction campaign.

Can you get rid of factions? ›

There are again two methods of removing the causes of faction: the one, by destroying the liberty which is essential to its existence; the other, by giving to every citizen the same opinions, the same passions, and the same interests.

How do you level up your faction fast? ›

If you want to level your faction quickly, you'll want to complete as many PvP quests as you can. PvE quests are a great alternative, but they don't give nearly as much faction standing as PvP quests. Unlike Town Boards, faction quests refresh when completed.

Can you join the Great Khans? ›

Joining the Great Khans isn't as simple as some of the other factions. There are two specific quests you must first complete. The first is We Are Legion, in which you must kill all the NCR soldiers in Camp Forlorn Hope. Dead Sea, a member of the Legion in Nelson, will give you this quest.

How much land can you claim in Factions? ›

Claiming Land

A faction can claim as many chunks as it has claim power. The faction claim power is the sum of all faction members' individual claim power. Each player has 30 potential claim power, meaning that a faction with 10 followers could have up to 300 claim power.

What happens if you join the railroad? ›

Joining the Railroad allows you to recruit Deacon as your companion; to get the awesome Deliverer weapon; and to mod clothing.

How do you unlock faceless faction? ›

To gain access to Faceless research, you will need the Secrets of the Ancients upgrade. This upgrade will appear when you have both Neutral Unique buildings and the Key to the Lost city artifact. The Key to the Lost city can be excavated in a separate run, and with any faction.

Can you still get risk factions? ›

As of 2014, RISK: Factions is no longer available for purchase on Xbox Live's Arcade Marketplace.

How many minor factions can you assimilate? ›

There is a limit of the number of Minor Factions you can assimilate (only 1 at the beginning of the game), and even though this limit is increased with research, you should still be careful about choosing the most useful Minor Faction for your empire.


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